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The Identity Perceived by Buddhas

It is the identity perceived by Buddhas that is the real state of things – the very Truth itself. Sakyamuni, fearing that such reasoning was above the comprehension of the people generally, embodied the Truth in the concrete form of his own person, in order that they might there see it for themselves, and thus addressed them: “Now, the three worlds – the mortal, the material, and the spiritual – are all my own possession; and all the living beings they contain are my own children.”

Doctrines of Nichiren (1893)

Things in Themselves Are Not Mutually Different

All things and phenomena, being identical in essence with the Buddha or Reality, are eternal and unchangeable au fond, and, in their true nature, one and the same as each other. The vulgar see variety where Buddhas perceive identity. This inability to see anything beneath the external variety in things arises from confusion in the minds of those who look at them. Things in themselves are not mutually different.

Doctrines of Nichiren (1893)