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Maintaining Our Enthusiasm

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain our enthusiasm for practicing and studying the Lotus Sutra. There are some days when it may be all we can do to just chant Odaimoku three times. There will naturally be days like that, so do not be discouraged. But in our hearts if we can maintain and nourish the kind of eagerness to stay connected with the teachings of the Buddha, then even gradually our lives will undergo a significant change.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Inviting the Protective Deities Into Our Lives

A while back I had a part-time job delivering pizza. My hours were mostly in the evening since that was the only time I had available to work. In the summer it wasn’t so bad making the deliveries at night because it didn’t become dark until almost the time I was scheduled to get off. However, in the fall and winter, when it got dark early, it was very challenging. The problem was folks would order pizza and their houses would either not have house numbers or numbers that were difficult to see from the street, or they would not turn on their house lights.

Our daily service in praise of the Lotus Sutra begins with preparing the altar for service. Then we engage in the practice of reciting the sutra and chanting the sacred title. It is like we are making sure our house numbers show clearly and our lights are turned on as we invite the protective deities of the universe into our lives.

Without the proper directions, markings, and lights it is difficult for the pizza to be delivered. So too, without opening up our lives, and calling upon the universe using the proper praise it is difficult for the protection to be available.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

What We Need to Change Within Ourselves

Because we seek the power to control things in our lives we fail to seek that which can ultimately give us the ability to end suffering. We seek mistakenly to eliminate suffering by clinging to mistaken views. We may think that if we only had just a little more money or a better house or a better job or a different spouse that all things would be well. We merely look at the surface and think that the conditions that surround us are the things we need to change, never looking at our lives and seeing what we need to change within ourselves. Seeing that we are fundamentally enlightened beings who are living lives of common people can allow us to see the heart of the cause for suffering and free our minds from the attachments that actually are the root of sufferings.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Redirecting Our Lives Completely to Enlightenment

We have a lot of practice seeing the flaws in our lives. Sometimes we focus only on what is missing in our lives. Yet when we consider our lives from the perspective of the Lotus Sutra we can begin to see that our lives, no matter how seemingly flawed, are in fact the perfect life and present the perfect condition for the emergence of our Buddhahood.

Our lives are actually complete from the perspective of the practice of Buddhism. There is nothing missing. While there may be things in our lives that we can change or improve upon, we should also consider that each one of those things actually could represent strengths, something we can change into a positive.

It isn’t necessary to become someone else. It is only necessary to redirect our lives completely to enlightenment.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Seeing the Truth in the Sutra

Sometimes uncovering or showing a small part of something enables us to see the potential of something even greater. Protecting something that is small or encouraging a fledgling effort can result in unimaginable outcomes. As our lives are slowly freed from illusions and then our eyes purified we are able to see the truth in the sutra, the truth in our lives and become Buddhas.

It might be eye opening for you to actually make a list of improvements in your life, both big and small, since you began practicing Buddhism.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Our Effort

We cannot expect our practice of Buddhism, wishing to become enlightened, to take a short period of time, or little effort. Yet we can destroy all that we have attained all that we have accomplished within a short period of time by being discouraged and abandoning our practice.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Our Opportunity

“A man who misses his opportunity, and a monkey who misses his branch cannot be saved.” Hindu proverb

When you consider the many opportunities we have had to practice any number of other religions other than Buddhism we can appreciate how rare the chance we were presented with. Buddhism is not the most common religion in America. I have heard that Buddhism is the fourth major religion in America, yet it is still rare to come into contact with Buddhism, especially in some areas of the country.

The two princes in Chapter XXVII of the Lotus Sutra realized what a rare gift they had been given to meet the Buddha. If you have a copy of the Lotus Sutra you might enjoy refreshing your memory of Chapter XXVII.

The choice has been presented to us. We have been given a wonderful and rare opportunity. Now, do we miss this chance, will we be like the monkey who misses his branch as he swings through the forest? There is no saving either the monkey who misses his branch, nor the person who misses the opportunity to practice the Lotus Sutra when given the option to do so. The branch presents itself – the Lotus Sutra presents itself – but it is up to us just as it is up to the monkey whether or not we reach out and hold fast.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

Learning How to Use the Knowledge of Buddhism in Our Lives

Learning the facts of wisdom of life is as important as learning the facts of life. It is not enough to know what words mean; it is important to know how to use the words. It isn’t sufficient to learn numbers but to learn how to employ the numbers. It is true in everything. We learn the facts, but we need to learn how to use those facts in skillful ways, in productive ways, in ways that enhance not only our lives but also the lives of others.

In Buddhism it helps to learn as much as we can. In that way we are better prepared, as the Sutra says, to answer questions skillfully, to answer not only the questions of others but our own questions as well. Yet, perhaps as important if not possible more so is the requirement that we learn how to use the knowledge of Buddhism in our lives in both practical and useful ways. In other words, to bring the wisdom of the Buddha into existence in our life.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

A Way to End Suffering

To those walking their path of suffering and who become tired or discouraged the teachings of the Buddha offer a way out, a way to continue, a way to end the suffering. We only need to embrace the teachings of the Buddha.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1

If You’re Going Through Hell

Winston Churchill said: “If you’re going through hell, keep going.” Makes sense to me. There isn’t much point in stopping in hell, not if you can keep going and get out. The trick is to know and realize that we are in hell, since sometimes we are not even aware that we are suffering. I think many of us become so acquainted with sufferings that we just think it is a normal part of our lives and there is nothing to do about it. Yet, as we learn in Buddhism, that doesn’t have to be the case. We can wake up from our anesthetized state, a state of almost being immune to the effects or feelings of suffering and begin to move on through.

Lotus Path: Practicing the Lotus Sutra Volume 1