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Being Your Own Physician

Being our own physician to our own lives and seeking the medicine to cure our sufferings and attain enlightenment, we use the prescription of oratio divina by listening to what the Buddha tells us, by considering that in relation to our lives in the moment and then taking appropriate action.

Physician's Good Medicine


Buddhism is fundamentally about making changes in one’s own life. At the core, it is about self, and self in service to others. It really isn’t possible for anyone to do someone else’s self-work.

Physician's Good Medicine

Connecting to the Stories of the Lotus Sutra

Stories are a fascinating and interesting entry point into and from a person’s life. The Lotus Sutra on one level is a collection of stories that can seem baffling, even intimidating. Sometimes it may be helpful to simply relish the splendor of the story and allow it to connect with your life, your heart, your soul, rather than simply your brain.

Physician's Good Medicine

The Physician’s Good Medicine

Studying The Lotus Stura, Volume 2

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In December 2014 I was invited to Las Vegas by then Bishop Shokai Kanai of the Nichiren Order of North America. He suggested that I do a presentation on the Parable of the Skillful Physician and His Sick Children found in Chapter 16 of the Lotus Sutra. On many occasions I have been asked to share my experiences as a hospital chaplain. It seemed like a good opportunity to combine both and so I began writing this book. This book is the second volume in my series “Studying the Lotus Sutra”. In this book as in all the books of this series I take one portion of the Lotus Sutra and examine it more deeply. This book focuses on the parable found in Chapter XVI of the Lotus Sutra; The Physician and His Ill Children. As I write about this parable I am tying to do so in a way that brings the stories told over 2500 years ago into our contemporary lives. I hope that through this little effort of mine a door will open for you to have a greater sense of connection to the Sutra.

Ryusho Jeffus

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Possible Joy

Illness is not just the sicknesses that lead us to medical practitioners. It is also the many illnesses that rob us of the joy that is possible in each of our lives.

Physician's Good Medicine