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The Unity of the Universal Foundation and the Particular Manifestation

The Trinity of Buddha’s person, however, is not limited to him alone, but in each of us is inherent the corresponding Trinity, or, as we may conveniently express it, the unity of the universal foundation and the particular manifestation. A concrete human being is a reality, but his full meaning is based on humanity in general. There is a man, and he is the man who would embody in his person the essential nature of humanity, not in the abstract, but concretely. The universal “humanity” is the “Truth-body” of every human being, and his life under particular conditions is his “Condescension-body,” while his own self-consciousness, and the influence that he means to exert upon his fellow-beings constitute his “Bliss-body.” In short, the unity of the universal man and the particular man is the reality of man.

Nichiren, The Buddhist Prophet

The Buddhological Trinity

The universal Buddhahood is called Dharma-kaya, or “Truth-body,” while the personal Buddha is Nirmana-kaya, or “Condescension-body”; and these two, together with another, the Sambhoga-kaya, or “Bliss-body,” the spiritual manifestation of Buddhahood, make up the Buddhological Trinity.

Nichiren, The Buddhist Prophet

Nichiren, The Buddhist Prophet

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Masaharu Anesaki’s book, “Nichiren, The Buddhist Prophet” was originally published in 1916 but is now in the public domain. It is available on the web without charge in a number of electronic formats.

Masaharu Anesaki, M.A., Litt.D., was a professor of the Science of Religion at the Imperial University of Tokyo and a professor of Japanese Literature and Life at Harvard University. The 1916 edition was published by Harvard University Press.

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