Shoeizan Enkyoji Buddhist Temple 祥栄山円教寺 at night

Attended Sunday service at 祥栄山円教寺 Shoeizan Enkyoji Buddhist Temple of Rochester (website, Facebook). This was my second Sunday service. I also attended Tuesday and Thursday evening Shodaigyo services and Dharma meetings.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Rochester Sangha is the youthful enthusiasm that permeates all of its activities. To underscore this we had a toddler and his infant sister attend. And these are just two of the congregation’s latest additions. Shami Kanyu 観涌 Kroll has a newborn and another lay leader recently learned he will soon be a father. The temple has plans to provide a nursery in the adjacent Jisso-Kai Dojo.

In Sacramento I’m one of the younger members at 66 years of age. It’s inspiring to see so many people with so much life ahead of them embracing the teachings of Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra.

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