Learning Hotoge

Hotoge from Nichiren-Shu Service Book published 2007
Hoto Ge from Page 23 of the Nichiren Buddhist Service Companion published in 1968 by Headquarters of Nichiren Buddhist Temple of North America, Chicago, Illinois.

In April I published this post. At the time I had been attending the Sacramento Nichiren Buddhist Church since January 2015 and I was still unable to recite the version of Hotoge performed during the service immediately after chanting Daimoku.

I have recordings of the services but the mokusho and the drum overwhelm everything. So I made an appointment with Ven. Kenjo Igarashi and asked him to record the Hotoge so that I can play it during my home services.

But when I reviewed the recordings with the text in the service book used in Sacramento, the words didn’t line up. Two lines were short – three beats instead of four.

It was only this Sunday, Oct. 1, while attending the online service at Myoshoji that I finally found the reason. The highlighted lines above accurately reflect the beats in the recording.


Hotoge with mokusho

Hotoge words

The source of the odd beat is explained in Lotus in a Sea of Flames.