Mandala Gohonzon

Rare view of the full Mandala Gohonzon at the Sacramento Nichiren Buddhist Church
Mandala Gohonzon at Sacramento Nichiren Buddhist Church

The third Sunday of December is designated as the day to do a thorough cleaning of the temple. At the Sacramento Nichiren Buddhist Church this is a rare opportunity to see the full Mandala Gohonzon. Normally, the statue of Nichiren obscures the bottom third.

Before beginning, Ven. Kenjo Igarashi lit incense and then cleansed his hands in the smoke. After moving the statue of Nichiren he cleansed a large calligraphy brush with the incense smoke and proceeded to dust the statue.
The annual cleaning of the altar includes dusting the inside of the Butsudan.

Here’s a video that includes 125 Mandala Gohonzons inscribed by Nichiren Shonin.