Nichiren Shu Creed

Nichiren Shu creed:

  1. We base our life on the example of the Lotus Sutra as personally experienced by Nichiren Shonin.
  2. We put our faith in the Eternal Buddha Sakyamumi, who is the true teacher of wisdom and compassion for all people.
  3. We train ourselves to attain Buddhahood by upholding Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, both in action and in spirit.
  4. Our teacher is Nichiren Shonin, who vowed to cultivate the Buddha nature of all people and create the land of the Buddha in this world. We also vow to work for that goal.
  5. We are all the Buddha’s children, and we will live together peacefully with all people in our search for the Truth.
Awakening to the Lotus