We Who Follow Nichiren

In the Rissyo-ankoku Ron Nichiren writes: “O believers in false doctrines! Change your beliefs; be converted and return to the true. You will then find that the worlds of evils – mortal, material, and spiritual – are all the World of Buddha. And the World of Buddha” – that state of mind in which complete enlightenment has been attained – “is not subject to decay; the Land of Jewels” – another name for the same mental state – “can never disappear. The World is changeless and eternal, the Land is imperishable and secure. All enjoy rest and peace, while their minds are wrapped in ecstasy.”

To establish the Good Law and tranquilize the State is the main object of our Sect’s teaching. The Sect points to the Three Secret Ordinances … as the means by which Buddhahood may be attained by everybody. It also promulgates the doctrine that an eternal reality underlies all fleeting forms. In a word, we who follow Nichiren offer all men blessings in the present life, and an immunity from suffering hereafter.

Doctrines of Nichiren (1893)