Summer Writings

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From the Forward
It has been a wish of mine to publish these wonderful teachings of our lineage of Nichiren Shu Buddhism for a long time, in order to disseminate their wisdom throughout the world. They are very special to me, because they are from the many newsletters that I collected during my Buddhist education at the Toronto Nichiren Buddhist Temple under my teacher Kanto Tsukamoto Shonin, who was the head priest of that Temple for over 10 years. I carried this collection of newsletters with me when I moved from Buffalo to Seattle, waiting for the right opportunity and support to bring this project to fruition. So indeed, this is a happy event.

Tsukamoto Shonin’s teachings are wonderful, because he reveals to us a very simple but profound insight into our daily lives, through many stories and allegories. Through each story he shares his very personal and emotional experience of life, with an awareness which has allowed people, despite cultural and language differences, to relate with the Lotus Sutra and Nichiren Buddhism. Tsukamoto Shonin became a Kaikyoshi early in Nichiren Shu’s activities outside Japan, in order spread the teachings of Nichiren Shu Buddhism across the ocean to English speaking people. This was at a very important time in our propagation efforts, and began the movement towards establishing Nichiren Shu Buddhism outside of Japanese ethnic communities.

With Gassho
Kanjin Cederman Shonin
Head Priest
Seattle Choeizan Enkyoji Nichiren Buddhist Temple


  • Gratitude
  • King of Hell, “Emma-san”
  • Matsubagayatsu Persecution
  • My Unexplainable Experience
  • Reasons for holding Memorial Services
  • View of Hell
  • “What is Karma?”
  • Urabon-e

Quotes from this book will begin appearing July 7, 2018, after quotes from Spring Writings conclude.