The Worlds of the Mandala Gonhonzon

The Wheel Turning King and King Ajatashatru represent the best and worst of the world of human beings respectively. The asura kings represent the world of fighting demons. The dragon kings, being dragons (or serpents) in charge of powerful natural forces, are representatives of nature and the world of animals. Hariti and her ten rakshasi daughters represent the world of hungry ghosts. Finally, Devadatta, who is said to have fallen into hell alive, represents those in the world of the hell-dwellers.

All of these beings are shown on the Great Mandala illuminated by the Odaimoku. By receiving the Odaimoku with faith and joy, they receive the merits and virtues of the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha, overcome their delusion and suffering, and attain buddhahood.

Lotus World: An Illustrated Guide to the Gohonzon