Lotus World: An Illustrated Guide to the Gohonzon

This book is available for purchase at Nichiren-Shu.org
This book is available for purchase at Nichiren-Shu.org

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The meaning of the characters on the Gohonzon of Nichiren Buddhism can be confusing even to those who read Japanese. The interested practitioner could study the symbolic Buddhas, bodhisattvas, demons, dragons, kings and other beings represented by the thirteenth century Buddhist teacher Nichiren Shonin on his calligraphic Mandala. However, before Lotus World he would have needed a small library of books to find all of the characters represented.

Finally, the Nichiren Buddhist Temple of San Jose has published a book that will allow everyone with an interest in Buddhism to find all of their answers in one slim volume. Lotus World provides the reader with all of the detail one might desire, from the story of the characters to how they are represented in art. There is even useful section describing the overall world-view necessary to understand the hierarchy of beings.
Price: $15.00 (With a pictorial Mandala)

Wander about an interactive map of the Shutei Mandala and the Illustrated Mandala created from excerpts to Lotus World.

Shutei MandalaIllustrated Shutei Mandala

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